Summer Intensives

Interested in becoming a Water Street Dance Company Competitive Team member?  Join us for our Intensives. Online registration begins mid-May and It is required to attend as much of the Summer Intensive as possible.

Summer Registration Opens May 20th! 2019 Summer schedules coming soon!

We offer 2 types of Summer Intensives:

Apprentice Summer Intensive is for anyone 7-12.5 years old (at audition time) wanting to audition to become an Apprentice Competitive Team Member, or for those who are already an Apprentice Member and would like to continue this year. Typically dancers all the way through Junior High are placed in Apprentice.

Advanced Summer Intensive is required for anyone interested in our Sr Competitive Team. Every day is considered an audition to become a member. (However, any advanced dancer is welcome to join us, even if they don’t wish to audition for the team.) Anyone 13 years old or above (at audition time) who is interested in competitive dance is welcome to do Advanced Summer Intensive to start the audition process. Typically dancers in High School are placed in Sr Competitive.


  • NOTICE: You must fill out the audition application form and turn it in to the studio by July 9th. This form can be found under documents available for download on our competitive page. Participation in both Apprentice and Advanced Intensives will receive an invitation via email if accepted into our competitive dance program once intensives are completed. If accepted there’s a mandatory parent information meeting at the studio and a required $75.00 August fee. Summer rehearsals begin the next day and run throughout August until Recreational classes resume.