Interested in joining our Competitive Team?

Our award-winning Competitive Team, Water Street Dance Company, offers dancers the ability to further their dance skills during highly specialized dance rehearsals and technique classes.

Competitive Team Calendar


Download this schedule 18-19 Comp Schedule – Update 08.01.

Please view our Competitive Dance Calendar for Summer choreography and rehearsals, as well as any Conventions, Master Classes, and Competitions. The Apprentice & Senior Competitive Team Calendar is subject to change. If you are interested in having the latest updates, we highly recommend subscribing to the calendar, so that you receive notifications on those changes.

For studio-wide important dates (such as holidays and breaks) please see our studio calendar.

Choreography Fees

    • Guest Choreographers: Choreography fees are made payable to the guest choreographer (not WSDC). Fees vary depending on the choreographer and type of dance.
    • WSDC Instructor Choreographers:  If a WSDC instructor does choreography, those fees are made payable directly to WSDC. $20 per dance will be added to your account for WSDC Instructor Choreography.

Schedule is tentative and subject to change.


Audition Process

In order to become a competitive dancer, you must attend the Apprentice Intensive or the Advanced Summer Intensive (choose the appropriate one for your age). Summer Intensive are treated as an audition process and are required. The audition application and more detailed information can be found in our documents at the bottom of this page. Participants in both Apprentice and Advanced Intensives will receive an invitation via email if accepted into our Competitive Dance program once intensives are completed. We will inform you if you’re an Apprentice or Senior Competitive.

If accepted there’s a mandatory parent informational meeting Monday August 6th at 6pm at the studio and a required $75.00 August Fee.  Summer rehearsals will begin the next day and run throughout August until Recreational classes resume Sept. 10th.   Please download and read our Information Packet (posted at the bottom of this page) for detailed information.

Competitive Distinctions

Our Competitive Dance program consists of dancers age 7 and up. There are a couple groups which make up Water Street Dance Company, our competitive team:

      • Apprentice (Purple, Silver, and Black): Ages 7-12 at audition time; typically dancers all the way through Junior High are placed in Apprentice.
      • Senior Competitive: Ages 13+ at audition time; typically dancers in High School are placed in Sr Competitive.

Time Commitment

Do you have the desire and commitment to become competitive dancer? Our competitive dancers attend weekly scheduled rehearsals (up to 3 nights a week), competitions (up to 5 per year), and recommended Master Classes (both at our studio and out of town).

Important Documents for Download

Competition Results

Please see our Competition Results page for information on our past and current awards.

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Watch our 2018 Competition routines below!